2019 Mammoth Photo Festival

October 10th-13th


Mammoth Lakes, California

Learn to compose memorable visual stories, clarify your intention and hone your craft across four distinct genres of photography: Landscape at Sunrise, Action/Adventure in the Morning, Outdoor Portraits at Sunset and Astro at Night. Gain insights from industry icons through our keynote series, panel discussions and educational experiences.

Our Presenters

The team behind this year’s Mammoth Photo Festival is insanely talented across a broad spectrum of genres.

Cristina Mittermeier - Frans Lanting - Peter McBride - Corey Rich - Christian Pondella - Joshua Cripps - Krystle Wright - Michael Clark - Elizabeth Gadd - Jacob Moon - Michael Shainblum - Savannah Cummins - Lucas Gilman - Gregg Jaden - Verne Clevenger - Chris Ewen Crosby - Ian Norman and Diana Southern (Lonely Speck) - Nolan Nitschke - Jennifer Renwick - Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn - Claude Fiddler - Shannon Stapleton - Robert Sturman - Dakota Snider - Peter Morning