Krystle Wright

“As an adventure photographer, I have a lifestyle that I live and breathe, though perhaps it's also a mixture of passion and obsession. “

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Krystle Wright

Krystle Wright is an adventure sports photographer from Queensland, Australia, although she now lives a semi-nomadic lifestyle in her quest to capture and present unique moments from extreme sports, expeditions and adventures across the globe.

Krystle is known for pushing herself to extremes, sometimes beyond what might even be considered sane. Anything to get that elusive, compelling shot. The world has no boundaries and she will do whatever it takes to shoot from her unique perspective – whether hanging from precarious positions on remote cliff edges, swimming through jagged, unexplored canyons, or trudging for days through vicious, baleful weather. It’s about that final experience – capturing a fleeting moment, sharing a treasured insight, telling incredible stories about impassioned endeavors that might otherwise go undocumented. She has battle scars – enough to compete with the most hardened adventurer – to prove it.

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