Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn

It is so incredible what is up there, and I get an even greater joy in sharing this with others who might not be able to enjoy it for themselves.”

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Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn

Kerry-Ann is a professional meteorologist who works behind the scenes as a forecaster, and she occasionally appears on air at Canada's Weather Network to answer questions about meteorology and astronomy. But she's also a serious amateur photographer and astrophotographer with decades of experience and several NASA APOD's to her credit.

Based in the Niagara Peninsula region of Ontario, Kerry took up astronomy and astrophotography before high school and continues to be captivated by the night sky. She has a backyard observatory and was a member of the Toronto Chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) and also a very active member of Hamilton Amateur Astronomers in Hamilton, Ontario. And if that's not enough, Kerry also has a passion for flying, holds a private pilot's license, and enjoys volunteering with the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association of Canada.

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