Gregg Jaden

"Art in all forms has the power to influence our minds and touch our soul in ways that connects us all at a deeper level".


Gregg Jaden

Gregg Jaden started out as an Ad Agency Exec with passion for the creative process. Located in Manhattan Beach CA and the founder of an award winning digital agency, he started working with top brands in their digital marketing and creative initiatives. Gregg has led many high converting campaigns, travel video campaigns and product sales conversion campaigns for many brands through social media, digital marketing and travel visuals to tell compelling stories for his clients. He is an established photographer, storyteller and explorer. Gregg's ability to capitalize on unforeseen opportunities has helped him work with some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 brands. Through social media channels his team has been able to share with millions of people to demonstrate unique perspectives of timeless visuals for clients.

Jaden believes artistic expression is one of the greatest forms of contribution to our planet. He has an undeniable passion for capturing moments and storytelling using visual mediums. What inspires him most is how photography can transform the ordinary to extraordinary while leaving an impression in people's lives.

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