What to Expect at Mammoth Photo Festival

clarify your intention, compose your story

From October 10th-13th some of photography’s greatest names will descend upon one of the most beautiful locations on the planet to lead a photography experience unlike any other. Learn to compose memorable visual stories, clarify your intention and hone your craft across four distinct genres of photography: Landscape at Sunrise, Action/Adventure in the Morning, Outdoor Portraits at Sunset and Astro at Night. Gain insights from industry icons through our keynote series, panel discussions and educational experiences.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

A stones throw from Yosemite, 90 minutes from Mt. Whitney and central to several national parks, Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding area is a wild playground for photographers. We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to come a little early, stay a little late or sneak out for a day to take advantage of the captivating scenery of the high sierra. We’ve provided plenty of down time in the schedule for that too.


Open to Everyone

Everyone who attends the festival is invited to access our educational / inspirational series of talks, sessions and social hours.


KEYNOTE Lectures

Hear from Nat Geo’s Frans Lanting, Cristina Mittermeier, and Pete McBride. Don’t miss Red Bull legend Corey Rich. Learn their perspective on what it takes to craft striking, memorable visual stories.


Sit in as industry icons discuss budding industry trends, topics and innovative approaches to photography.



Network with local legends, chat with like-minded peers and explore the local landscape.


Full Access Pass Holders

If you’re a serious photo enthusiast, we want to get you inspired by today’s top photographers and help you hone your craft. This transformative learning experience allows you to learn in close proximity to top professionals and elevate your storytelling prowess to the next level.


On-location workshops

Experience four unique genres of photography taught at specific times of day with seasoned instructors in small groups.


Portfolio Review

Benefit from the guidance of established professionals with one-on-one portfolio review sessions.



Choose as many classes as you want that appeal to you, enhance your skills behind the camera and in the editing room.


On-Location Workshops

Transformative Learning Experiences


Portfolio Review

Full Access pass holders will have access to one-on-one portfolio reviews with our top tier presenters. You’ll be matched with an expert in your preferred style to review your work, ask any questions you want and/or get the support you need to take your skills to the next level.



It’s time to peak behind the scenes with industry icons. Learn how legends like Corey Rich use filmmaking to tell stories that inspire action and change. See how Elizabeth Gadd achieves stunning self portraits and mood driven color palettes. Stand by as Lonely Speck reveals the equipment and techniques for capturing full detail in the night sky. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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